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- Kai Bartlett,

"I’m really excited to be a part of building a surfski that will allow more paddlers to get out on the water and enjoy what the Vega design has to offer them. The Vega Flex maintains all the important design components of the Vega with small changes to create stability and comfort in using the surfski. Current Vega users have had great fun out on the water and have been really happy with the performance of the Vega. Now that there is an intermediate competitive ski, I’m stoked more people will get to have the feeling!"

Ozone Built 100% Carbon Fiber Prepreg, in single piece construction. Oven cured with 3x atmospheric pressure. The center of the Surfski is reinforced with triple carbon for added strength and durability. At 20-21lbs the Vega Surfski is light and maneuverable on or off the water. The light and stiff hull providing for a vibrant feel in each stroke and glide. The Vega features a minimalist Adjustable Footbrace Steering system, a Quick Stop spring loaded venturi drain and an Automatic Center Returning Rudder. There is a new star to discover, and it’s on the water, the Vega Surfski by Kai Wa’a, Ozone Built.

  • LENGTH: 21'

  • WIDTH: 16.81"

  • WEIGHT: 20-21 lbs

  • PRO: 17-18 lbs

  • LENGTH: 20.6'

  • WIDTH: 18.25"

  • WEIGHT: 20-21 lbs

  • PRO: 17-18 lbs

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